Owners Association Management in Dubai

The growth of the Dubai property market is happening quite fast and there are no signs of slowing down in the near future. With the current work dynamics, people rarely take time to look into the matters affecting their homes. Owners Association companies were designed to help people get the best out of their property and environment. They take care of shared utilities such as building elevators, power, fire and safety, structural integrity and general cleanliness depending on the setup. 

An owners association is a group of homeowners with a set of leaders elected to act on behalf of the whole community also known as joint property or strata ownership. They are in charge of service fee collections, budgeting, payment for specific services and supplies and maintaining the reserve fund. The scope of duties increases with increase in the size of the community. 

Due to the composition of some Dubai owners association, there is a challenge in terms of experience and knowledge as pertaining to strata management. Many of these homes were built not more than 10 years ago and the owners association law Dubai has changed to accommodate them. The goal of the regulations initiated through strata law is to preserve the interests of stakeholders. 

Homeowners would immensely benefit from professional property management companies in Dubai. The advantage of hiring one is more about how they deliver the service than the service itself. The major gains are discussed below. 

Friendliness and community appeal 

Joint property ownership can be a delicate matter with issues arising all the time. One time it might be a conflict among neighbours or with the owners association itself. A good management company understands such dynamics and always achieve amicable solutions to communal problems. They try to maintain a friendly atmosphere among neighbours by acting as a go-between for them to interact. As a result, new owners are incentivised to join the community. 

Extensive knowledge

Homeowners can benefit from a good owners association company by tapping into their wealth of knowledge and expertise. They come equipped with the right technical know-how from work backgrounds or certifications in relation to maintenance matters. They can identify structural issues and provide the needed assistance. In addition, management companies have a better understanding of the legal issues surrounding home ownership. 


Another benefit of hiring an owners association in Dubai is their efficiency. Years of experience in management have become exceptionally efficient in executing their roles. The company draws from experiences when working together with the association of strata managers. Moreover, some issues recur from precious experiences dealing with other members and non-members. In the end, you get a stress free living experience. 

Prompt execution

You get a sense of promptness in service delivery with good community managers in Dubai. Some of these companies worked out all the difficult areas in property management, and have come up with efficient systems. They have well-trained employees and state of the art technology to make their services more readily available to all stakeholders. In addition, they have connections to a range of service providers like landscapers and maintenance companies and can recommend the best. 

Professional work ethic

Last but not least is the level of professionalism that comes with an established management company. Some strata owners services can result in chaos and loss if not properly handled. Tasks like collecting of service fees, management of finances and legal matters are very delicate. Owners associations deal with their members professionally by establishing rules that maintain amicable interactions. Eventualities such as misappropriation of finances are uncommon in reputable companies. 

With so many benefits of hiring a Dubai owners association, the choice moving forward is quite easy. Whether you live outside the country or within, as long as you own property in Dubai you need to be sure your affairs are in order. The best way to get this is by hiring professional community managers.

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