Role of the Owners Association Management

An Owners Association Management entity lays its focus on managing the property so the investor gets the best returns on such acquisition. It is as well important to ensure that the building, common areas and property in specific is well managed and well maintained. Some other tasks and obligations of the association are outlined below.

An Owners Association Management company has to meet the expectations and should ensure quality of maintenance generating a positive feedback from their clients, while offering a diversity of services to its members. It is important to ensure that their sub-contractors and employees have the right skill set while ensuring that they are being professional in the service they are offering at all times. A professional experience to ensure service quality is offered with the ultimate goal to reach customer’s satisfaction. When managing a property, the association takes part in supervising the delivery of service and also ensures that providers offer up to the standards services while suppliers must deliver high quality goods.

The Owners Association is also responsible to maintain the books records as required by the law. The transparency of these records ensures that all transactions are accurate minimising the risks of audit frauds or human mistakes by any means. Every single negotiation with a new contractor is supervised by the association and it is recorded so all the members can follow the activities and decisions that are being taken.

A fundamental commitment that crowns the tasks of the association is in taking part of all legal matters and ensure that activities are conducted as per the law. The association is given the responsibility to ensure that all company members act responsibly by giving the best legal advice to ensure they are in conform with local, regional and international laws, when applicable.

The Owners Association Management concept is a doctrine that all organisations and individuals should embrace to ensure that their property reach their full potential. A well-organised set of services offer peace of mind to everyone and protects both owners and tenants. Being responsible of utilities billing and serving facilities management services or fit-out services are also provided by some associations.

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