Utilities Billing

Outsourcing your property’s utilities billing such as electricity, water or air conditioning may seem like a challenging scenario. Possibly you are not ready to hand over something extremely vital to a third party. Nonetheless, hiring a company to take care of this service for you will certainly be profitable and will give you peace of mind. PLACE Community Managers integrates everything a that a developer, an owner or a tenant needs to manage their billing processes cost-efficiently, and offer a significant customer experience to its customers. Below are the benefits why you should consider outsourcing your utilities billing with PLACE Strata Management.

On-Time Delivery

No matter what bill you require to be paid or when it is due, PLACE Strata Management billing service’s job is to ensure it gets delivered on time, no matter the situation. Since processing bills cost additional time that most companies do not have, leading to late payments, outsourcing your services with PLACE Strata Management is the real deal because you will not incur any additional time out of your busy schedule. Due to our vast experience your statements, invoices and bills are always right on time, no matter if they are from DEWA, EMPOWER or other.

Less Equipment

Most companies that choose to outsource their mail and print services also outsource their utilities billing services and this result in a decrease in optional equipment and materials around the office. PLACE Strata Management utilities billing services can help organisations eliminate expenses on ink, ribbons, toner, and other types of equipment.

Save on Staff

More often than not, it is common for companies to hire employees especially to focus on both billing and payroll. Nonetheless, if you seek the services from PLACE Strata management, you can substantially save time and money on this process. Apart from you paying a small number of staff members, the employees on your payroll will not have to spend additional time dedicated to jobs they should not have to focus on.

Helps You Go Green 

With less paper mailing being conducted, it is unquestionably that you will be saving some trees. Apart from reducing paper consumption by integrating the services of PLACE Strata Management, you will also be saving money on paper. Not only will you save paper, time and money by using our Utility Billing services management, you will also evolve into a more organised workplace. As if this was not sufficient, consider that a third party billing agent such as PLACE Strata Management billing management service has the ability to focus 100% on statement processing meaning that an organisation can attain many high levels of accuracy. Therefore, while you are saving time and money, you should also take credit for the new and improved billing efficiency.

For more information about Utilities Billing in Dubai please contact Place Community Managers by email ahlan@place.ae.