Development consultancy services you should consider

When you are working on a particular project, keep in mind that you cannot do everything on your own. You will have to consult some professionals to help you out. It can be a group of individuals or an agency, also known as a development consultancy service.

What is a development consultancy company?

A development consultancy is an agency that can help you to complete your project. A professional team will be on board with you, and they will do what they know best to complete all the tasks that you need. You can expect competent results when you hire a reputable company.

Place Strata

Place Strata has a vast experience in the region to help anyone to manage their building or property most efficiently. Being a Dubai-based company with roots in Australia, Place Strata integrates the best professionals in the field that will help you to solve simple or complex problems whenever they arise.

Place Strata Expertise

Strata’s teams dive in the development project and become an integral part of it. The team is entirely trustworthy and can totally rely on them to work on your project. It is unlikely to have them delivering tasks or work late, giving you peace of mind to get your projects done on time.

The Consultancy Services provided by Strata

You can expect a broad level of assistance from Strata Property Management. The team is fully experienced and belongs to different fields. Some of the services that you can expect are:

  • Facilities Management through 3rd party partners
  • Survey plan preparation and co-ordination
  • Utility billing management
  • Calculate lot entitlements and contributions
  • Service charge cost modelling
  • Governance Documents
  • Advice on Rent disputes
  • Service Charges collection

Why Place Strata?

There are enough benefits of this development consultancy to make you realize how serious and qualified the company is.

  • Place provides the best and extensive consultancy knowledge.
  • Place’s employees are always updated with the latest market requirements and laws
  • Place’s online visibility is prominent, making the company one of the best property management companies in the UAE and the Middle East.

Final Thoughts

It is crucial to hire a professional consulting management company to deliver your projects on time while saving you significant amounts of money.