property management services 845x321 - Why contract property management services?

If you own a property, consider getting a property management company in Dubai without hesitation.

place dubai townvilla 845x321 - How to Manage Owner Associations

The Owners Association is usually formed by a group of elected residents from a community who also have their …

Community Management Company Dubai Villas 2 845x321 - Why should you get a community management company for your Dubai Owners Association?

Every Dubai Owners Association knows how hard it is to handle and manage an entire building and …

strata association

When considering working with strata association managers, it …

Property Management Dubai

If you are renting in Dubai, you want to make sure that you get the right tenants and they handle your property correctly.

Community manager Dubai 845x321 - Why should you hire a community manager in Dubai?

Hiring a community manager in Dubai will offer your community the help and support it needs.

Property Management 845x321 - 5 Responsibilities of a Property Management Company

If you live in an apartment in Dubai, chances are your landlord has hired a property management company to take care of the daily operations to keep it going.

Strata Management Dubai

The strata management field is becoming more complex as newer residential buildings are being constructed and new laws implemented, making the lives of tenants and owners more convenient and relaxed.

Place owners association 1810 845x321 - Role of the Owners Association Management

The Owners Association Management concept is a doctrine that all organisations and individuals should embrace to ensure that their property reach their full potential.

DEWA Green Utilities Billing

PLACE Strata Management billing management service has the ability to focus 100% on statement processing meaning that an organisation can attain many high levels of accuracy.