PLACE Community Managers has implemented Intelligent Metering Systems (IMS) with Smart Grid for projects with companies such as DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority). Our utilities billing management team has worked closely with numerous private bulk customers of gas, water, and electricity who are assessing the deployment of IMS and Smart Grid as an effort to increase energy efficiency and promote the green initiative in the region.

PLACE Community Managers is one of the most trusted and experienced IMS and Smart Grid providers in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and the Middle East. PLACE recognises the importance of utilities billing management for local resources and we use state-of-the-art technologies for unit meter readings, IT application software, and communications that improve your businesses overall profit margins. We’ve got a significant amount of experience in delivering various utility projects and we have gained enough experience to meet all of the challenges that are associated with utility management.

Benefits for Smart Metering:

  • Reduce billing Cycle
  • Outage Management
  • Revenue Protection
  • Load Research/Forecasting
  • Customer Services/ Account Management
  • Field Services/ Work Management
  • Distribution Operation
  • Asset Management
  • Energy Saving

Benefits For Intelligent Metering System:

  • Revenue Collection Systems
  • Integration of the system with the Enterprise Applications like Oracle, SAP, or Legacy for Integration of the System
  • Commissioning and Supply of IT Infrastructure
  • Commissioning and Supply of Communication Infrastructure
  • IMS Systems Scalable up to 5M Metering Points and Designed for 200,000 Metering Points
  • Commissioning, Installation, and Supply of Smart Water and EnergyBenefits For Communications Technologies
  • GPRS from the Meters and Data Concentrator
  • BPLC between the Head End System and the Data Concentrator
  • PLC between Data and Meters Concentrator
  • RF Mesh Communication

Benefits for Integration Methodologies:
Integration for the Legacy Systems Based on Flat Files or XML File or Flat Based Scheduled Data Synchronisation
Integration for other Enterprise Applications Based Using Web Service
Integration of SAP and MDM Using XMLJMDUS Based Using Web Services

Benefits For Electronic Metering:
Testing, Installation, and Supply of Mobile Solution to Read Bar-code on Meters
Integrate Mobile Solution and Capture Consumption Reading with SAP IS-U
Fixing and Supply of Barcodes
Commissioning and Supply for Complete IT Infrastructure and Hand-Held Devices
Mobile Application Delivery
Management System for Work Force

For more information on our professional utilities billing management, accounting programs, customer databases, collections, and customer service inquiries, please visit PLACE website.